Take the Road Less Traveled

Be bold, innovative and fearless. Never back down from a challenge. Dare to be adventurous. Go places others can’t go. See things beyond what other people see.

The C – SERIES gives you the chance to be amazing. Seize it!

Paris 2018

President and Chief Executive Officer of AM General, Andrew Hove, with HUMVEE-EXPORT’s Vice President, Paul Chedid.

First Vehicles Loaded in Indiana

After a series of pre-production vehicles underwent evaluation and testing, the first delivery of a substantial order of HUMVEE C – SERIES is now being made to Qingdao Free Trade Import and Export Co., Ltd. of Qingdao, China.


Promise One

We will treat all customers with equal respect and courtesy with friendly unbiased customer service.

Promise Two

We will respond to your request whenever you make contact with HUMVEE EXPORT and try to resolve any question, issue or concern quickly.

Promise only what you can deliverThen deliver more than you promise.  

 ~Author Unknown