HUMVEE EXPORT LLC, working in conjunction with AM General, is officially appointed exporter of the HUMVEE C – SERIES. Comprised of a group of industry experts, HUMVEE EXPORT LLC offers dealers and consumers alike unparalleled international automotive experience. HUMVEE EXPORT LLC is proud to be able to bring the HUMVEE C – SERIES to the international stage.

HUMVEE EXPORT LLC is actively seeking dealers worldwide. For a list of current dealers, please visit our Dealer Page. For more information, feel free to contact us via our Contact Form.


John Costin


Former Chairman of Delta Motor Group and president and owner of Around the World Business Consulting Services, John Costin has held numerous executive positions in the automotive industry throughout Europe and the United States. Be it as a CEO, President or Executive Director, John’s signature leadership style insures peak performance. President of HUMVEE EXPORT LLC, John provides unwavering leadership, international perspective and in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the automotive industry.

Paul Chedid

Vice President

Spurred by his passion for high-end automobiles, Paul Chedid founded the precursor of the Paul Chedid Automotive Group in 1996. On a visit to the States, Paul was seduced by the HUMMER H1 and immediately pursued, and won, an exclusive European distribution agreement with AM General to bring the H1’s extravagant profile to his discerning customers. As Vice President of HUMVEE EXPORT LLC, Paul’s European automotive expertise and ability to share his passion with team members and customers alike are assets that will quantify in sales, referrals, and a strict adherence to European standards and values.

Jim Moreen

Executive Director Marketing Operations

Instrumental in the creation of Canada’s Saab dealer network, parts and vehicle distribution, Jim Moreen brings over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry to the position of Executive Director of Marketing Operations. Jim managed all of General Motor’s HUMMER export programs and was an integral part in the development of dealer networks in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Japan, Russia, and China. Equally well versed in Finance, Planning, Marketing, and Information Systems & Services, Jim brings an impressive base of knowledge and practical experience to HUMVEE EXPORT LLC.

Summer Hanford

Executive Director Marketing Communications

With a background in research and a current occupation in mass-market literary entertainment, Summer Hanford brings a wide-scope perspective to the HUMVEE EXPORT LLC team. Both Summer’s research and writing skills have earned her publications for scientific as well as general consumer consumption. Summer insures the smoothness and accuracy of communications with HUMVEE EXPORT LLC.